Streten Masons Lawyers

Streten Masons Lawyers is a South East Queensland based law firm with a progressive and innovative attitude.

We believe that every person should have the right to choose the life they want to live.

We deliver fast, accurate and comprehensive advice to help our clients obtain the best possible outcome, in the most efficient manner. By doing so this will help our clients achieve their goals and choose the lives that they want.

We are at the cutting edge of changes to the law in legislation and decided cases as well as changes in local, state and federal government rules.

Our vast experience of over 40 years combined, enables us to provide the best advice at the times when our clients need it the most. We go into battle with our clients and do not stop until we get the best results for them. We help our clients get what they deserve.

We provide advice in a friendly and comprehensive way so that we build ongoing relationships with our clients.

We are responsive to our clients needs and turn around telephone calls and emails efficiently and within the required time frames.

We specialise in acting for Small to Medium sized business and their owners in a broad range of commercial and corporate areas of the law.

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